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You want more from your BMW dealership than just exceptional vehicles, great advice and perfect customer service. You expect personal advice and the feeling that you are being listened to and understood. This is exactly the philosophy our dealerships take very seriously: our main focus is the individual customer for whom the entire teams does its best. Our only benchmark is your satisfaction.

Kedar Desai
Manager Sales
+91 99 22 971113



Prashant Deshpande
General Manager Aftersales
+91 9922971111 



Deepak Bhosale
Finance and Insurance Manager
+91 99 22 971330

Aman Sarup
General Manager
+91 95 52 523488


Elvin Martins
Manager Sales
+91 95 52 569411


Chalmer De Souza
Manager –Aftersales
+91 9552523485